What is a Virtual Assistant? Well, a Virtual Assistant is someone who carries out administration, technical or project based work assignments on a contractual basis. They can either work for you on:

  • a one-off job
  • regularly
  • or be contracted on a retainer basis for on-going regular work.

They work ‘virtually’ i.e. remotely so they don’t need to come to your office or home to carry out the tasks you require. In fact, you may never meet your VA!!

The advantages of using is a Virtual Assistant are that they don’t appear on your payroll so you don’t need to get involved with tax, or expensive employer benefits such as sick pay, maternity pay or redundancy. You only pay for the work they do and are, therefore, not liable to pay for 3/4 weeks holiday per year!!! In addition you don’t need to provide a desk or office equipment including computer, printers etc. If you run out of work or just can’t afford it, then there is no obligation to continue.

A VA can offer you short term, quick fix solutions and help with any projects for example:

  • updating your website
  • designing a newsletter template in Mailchimp, Constant Contact or AWeber and sending out regular newsletters,
  • updating your database
  • managing your social media
  • preparing a Powerpoint presentation.

Or a VA can become a member of your business team which could result in being your Personal Assistant and everything that entails.

As a VA I realise how difficult it must be to delegate work that you have always done for your business but there will come a time when, for your own sanity, you just can’t do it all!!

So when is the right time to hire a VA – well its before you start your new projects, before you need a newsletter template, help with an ebook or someone to schedule your social media for you!

It may take a little time to establish a good working relationship with your VA but once put in place, I am sure there will be a feeling of great relief that your admin is being done without you having to think about it and you have the freedom to concentrate on what really matters in your business.

So if you would like to hire a Virtual Assistant or would like more information contact me Dianne Edwards through my website www.de-va.co.uk or via my email dianne@de-va.co.uk.