How often do you look at your website and think it really needs updating but I just don’t have the time?

VAUpdating your website is vital to the credibility of your business and the performance of the site itself. I am listing below 5 reasons for keeping your site up-to-date:

1. It creates the right impression of your business
Whenever you meet someone at a networking event or give someone your business card, they are likely to check out your website. It reflects your business and you need to represent what your business does today – not six months ago!

Think about what impression it gives when it was last updated over a year ago. Would you be more or less likely to do business with them?

2. Search engines like it
Search engines look favourably on a website that generates new content. It is likely to increase your website’s rankings on the web.

3. It demonstrates that your business is well organised.
I know it’s really difficult to fit in updating your website with everything else that is going on in your business but just think about the impression you are giving to your visitors who are your potential customers!!!

4. It shows you can communicate
In almost all businesses you need to be able to communicate with your customers. Sharing ideas, understanding the  issues and explaining situations. Updating your website will make sure that your messages are clearly displayed and giving the right impression.

5. Keep visitors coming back
Imagine going back to your favourite shop and they are still displaying the same items and nothing has changed – you wouldn’t bother to go back again.
It’s the same with your website – you can keep visitors coming back by directing them to your news, special offers etc.